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Report: Punjab Local Government Elections Assessment


Punjab’s local government elections, which were held in three phases on 31 October, 19 November and 5 December 2015, represented a large-scale undertaking and a long-awaited step towards political decentralisation in Pakistan.

From September to December 2015, Democracy Reporting International (DRI) deployed a small team of international and national experts and researchers to multiple locations across Punjab and Islamabad. The team assessed the legal framework governing the elections and its implementation. The assessment’s conclusions and recommendations are made within the framework of international election standards and instruments of international human rights law to which Pakistan has subscribed. Recommendations are offered to help enable Pakistani lawmakers, government officials, the ECP and other electoral stakeholders to strengthen the framework and its implementation for future elections.

Download the report in English and Urdu below.


Photo: UNAMA-Fardin Waeza/flickr


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