Elections Pakistan

Fix it before it breaks: local election lessons for 2018 elections in Pakistan

Since the 2013 general elections, local government elections (LGEs) have taken place in the four provinces of Pakistan and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Democracy Reporting International (DRI) deployed Election Assessment Missions (EAMs) to the four provincial LGEs. The EAMs assessed aspects of these election processes against Pakistan’s international commitments and made recommendations accordingly. DRI intends the EAM recommendations to not only contribute to the development of electoral legislation and practices for future LGEs, but also to be applicable to the upcoming general elections. The recommendations complement those of the 2013 EU Election Observation Mission (EOM).

This briefing paper offers a summary of the key issues that were present in all four provinces and identifies priority issues for policy-makers to consider for the general elections and future LGEs. It does not, however, compare the LGEs in the four provinces, as the context and timing of each election were very different.

Download the Briefing Paper below.


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