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DRI Strategic Direction

Democracy has shown for a long time to be the best form of government. Its intrinsic value is the respect of the human being. Overall it delivers better on peace and economic progress because it includes citizens in decision-making, tends to provide more equality and fairness and is based on the same rules for all.

We are an independent organisation that supports the building of democracies through public debates, participation and accountable policy-making and helps to defend democratic governance.

DRI supports and engages people who are working to build, preserve and defend democratic and accountable institutions, especially in moments of significant change. We believe that institutions are critical. People make change, but institutions preserve change.

We support political transformations towards democracy, strengthen democratic processes and institutions, and defend democracy and its institutions against attacks. We work with governments, politicians, citizens, businesses, institutions, journalists and others who have a stake to raise awareness about democratic processes. We enable citizens to make themselves heard and participate in public life.


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