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The EU Framework Against Disinformation: What Worked, What Changed and the Way Forward

Did the EU’s framework to counter disinformation work? Find out what worked, what changed and what we can do about it in DRI’s new report.  

Analysts were deeply concerned that the 2019 European Parliament elections would be marred by online disinformation. European institutions, civil society organisations and internet platforms took action to reduce the spread of disinformation, increase the cost for anti-democratic actors and raise awareness amongst the public.  

Looking back at the elections, disinformation appears to have been less prevalent than in elections elsewhere. But the problem is far from solved as technology keeps evolving and anti-democratic actors haven’t disappeared. Disinformation doesn’t only exist during election cycles.  

Indeed, the steps taken for the European elections are only the beginning.  

In this new report, DRI takes stock of the various initiatives to prevent disinformation during the 2019 European Parliament elections. We look at what worked, what did not, and how to improve these initiatives in recommendations to the European Commission, internet platforms and civil society. 

Read and download the full report below.



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