About DRI's work in the European Union

We work to strengthen democracy across many countries, including in the European Union. The state of democracy and the rule of law have become heated topics across the EU in recent years, with the influence of online discourse on elections and the dismantling of judicial independence in certain states at the top of the agenda.


  • EU Regulation of Social Media Platforms – DRI worked to inform the EU’s process of online platform regulation regarding disinformation and hate speech, facilitating expert exchanges, analysing trends, and identifying best practices.
  • re:constitution: Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe – DRI aims to improve public understanding of and encourage a fact-based debate on the rule of law within the European Union, providing media and the public with accessible research and analysis. In pursuit of these same goals, the project aims to establish a large network of legal scholars and practitioners dealing with European constitutional questions and the rule of law. DRI implements this project funded by Stiftung Mercator with Forum Transregionale Studien. 
  • Methodology of Media Monitoring in Elections – To help protect the integrity of elections throughout the EU, DRI developed a toolkit for monitoring social media and assessing vulnerability to disinformation and supported civil society organisations in monitoring various national elections. This project was funded by Civitates.